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Chilcott inquiry

Then asked what the Prime Minister thought about Sir John Chilcott having to caveat that his report would not be a whitewash, the PMS replied that he thought that Sir John was reemphasising the point that this would be an independent inquiry and just how important this enquiry was.

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  1. Tony Blair should be asked why he wasted 700 hours of parliamentary time debating the abolition of hunting with hounds when Parliament should have been debating going to war in Iraq. Was this a deliberate and cynical diversionary tactic?

    Comment by David Moulson — 22 Jan 2010 on 1:12 pm | Link
  2. I wish I could move to the UK.

    You in the UK should be thankful for having more than two political parties. Here in the USA the two major political parties have jointly passed campaign laws which have made it virtually impossible for any of the minor parties to grow to the point of seriously challenging them.

    Sure, your PMs are awful. But at least under your system the person in that slot always has an IQ above 100. All you have to do to be US President is get the most votes from an idiot electorate. Also, your PM has got to answer questions for about 30 minutes each week. Very entertaining!

    Also, don’t be misled into thinking of the USA as a real democracy. ALL legislation must pass in the US Senate which is certainly as undemocratic a legislative body as yours. Each citizen in California gets about one-seventeenth the representation (and vote in the Senate) as each citizen of Wyoming.

    Also, be thankful, be very thankful, you don’t have the US Supreme Court to contend with. In over 210 years since the US Constitution went into effect (in 1789), only about 110 justices have served on the Supreme Court. They don’t have to resign at any reasonable age (like 75) or after any reasonable limit of term of service (like 10 or 15 years). Some of them serve for 25 or more years and continue on the Court when they are feeble and almost useless. When science increases the average lifespan to 150 years, I suppose some of our Supreme Court justices will serve for 75 or 100 years.

    Finally, you have Susan Boyle.

    One thing I want to see, however, if I move over there, is that the rules of your style of football are changed to produce several more goals in each game. I don’t care how you do it. You could award a penalty shot to a team when a player on the other team sneezes on the field. I like watching penalty shots. It’s interesting how the goal tenders often dive to the wrong side.

    George Desnoyers
    Pittsfield, Massachusetts

    Comment by George Desnoyers — 17 Feb 2010 on 7:19 am | Link
  3. Susan Boyle may not be a very good looking woman but she has an angelic voice. “

    Comment by Morgan Parker — 28 Apr 2010 on 3:50 am | Link
  4. Susan Boyle may not be a very good looking woman but she has an angelic voice. `

    Comment by Cole Powell — 28 Apr 2010 on 6:04 am | Link

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