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Prime Minister:

You know the thing that always surprises me about this is that people talk about this issue of engagement with Iran and Syria as if there was some doubt about what we were saying, or where we stood, or maybe the message hadn’t been clear enough. Actually the message is absolutely clear, the message is if you stop supporting terrorism, if you stop trying to acquire nuclear weapons and breach your international obligations then we are willing to have a partnership with you, but if you export terrorism around the region and destabilise democracy in Iraq, we will confront you. Now I know there are all sorts of people who engage, and of course we do, we send messages the whole time to both governments, but I am afraid I have come to the conclusion that this is not an issue of communication, it is not that people can’t read our handwriting, it is actually that they lack the will to do what they need to do and we need to make sure they have that will.

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  1. What has happened to this country! It appears that all in power be they politicians or bankers have embraced the culture of greed, lining their own pockets. People are rapidly losing faith in the system. I for one will not vote again – what’s the point? What we need is a whole new system and intelligent, cultured people, not the prats and idiots we have at present. This is the legacy of Blair. I intend to leave this country as soon as I can and leave it to the blind leading the blind as it heads to hell in a handcart.

    Comment by paul johnson — 8 May 2009 on 2:43 pm | Link

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