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Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross

Put that people had been calling for a proper apology from Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross, the Prime Minister s Spokesman (PMS) told the assembled press that Ofcom had said they would investigate and it was for the BBC and their governing bodies to decide on what action needed to be taken.

Asked whether the Prime Minister was happy for people to make these kinds of remarks or should there be common standards of human decency on our public sector broadcasting, the PMS replied that as his colleague had said yesterday, he had not had the opportunity to discuss it with the Prime Minister. We had been focussed on issues such as the global economy. Ofcom had announced that they would investigate and it was for the BBC and their governing bodies to consider what action needed to be taken.

Asked whether the Prime Minister would be saying anything about this, the PMS said he expected that it would not be foremost on the agenda with President Sarkozy later today, but if the Prime Minister was asked a question on the matter, then he might comment on it.

Asked repeatedly whether the Prime Minister thought that the Government had no role in the issue, the PMS said that it was for Ofcom and the BBC s governing bodies to investigate and reach a conclusion on the matter. Put that if it was a principle that it was a matter for Ofcom and the BBC, why did the Prime Minister speak out about the Shilpa Shetty incident, the PMS replied that in that case the Prime Minister had answered a question. If the Prime Minister was asked a question he may well give a view on it. The opportunity had existed this morning at his briefing with the media but the Prime Minister was not asked a question.

Asked if the Prime Minister was a fan of the two broadcasters, the PMS said he was not familiar with all aspects of the Prime Minister s listening habits.

As far as any potential action by the BBC or the governing bodies, the PMS would not speculate on what they may or may not conclude. Put that the Prime Minister might have a personal opinion about what was said, but he would not want to interfere in the process by which it arose, the PMS agreed that that was a reasonable conclusion.

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  1. Just listened to Brand & Ross on Youtube. I’m sorry but i found it funny!
    Ok it went a bit far, but thats what Brands known for.
    Although I don’t like Russell Brand or very keen on Jonathan Ross, but they’ve said sorry, can’t people just drop it now? There’s more important things in the world than this!!!!

    Give them their jobs back & get over it BBC!!!

    Comment by Debbie — 30 Oct 2008 on 2:41 pm | Link

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