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President Bush

Asked what impression the Prime Minister gathered about the President’s intentions towards Iran, the PMS replied that they both spoke at some length about Iran in the press conference, and he did not have much further to add.

Put that the President kept referring to the need for multilateral actions, and was there more action being proposed by the President, the PMS replied that there were discussions in a number of multilateral forums about what further steps may be necessary if Iran continued to fail to cooperate.

Asked if they discussed what further steps might be necessary, the PMS replied that they did have a discussion about Iran, but that was covered comprehensively in their press conference.

Asked what proportion of the meeting was on Iran, the PMS replied that he was not going to get into proportions, they discussed a number of issues. They had a lengthy conversation about Afghanistan, they had a lengthy conversation about the global economy, they spoke about Iraq, and they spoke about Zimbabwe, but he would not necessarily characterise the meeting as was suggested in the question.

Put that the Prime Minister spoke about sanctions on oil and gas, and asked if these were also sanctions coming in today, or were they still to be decided, the PMS replied that this was something that the Prime Minister had talked about for some time, it was something we first raised as a potential issue back in November, and this was something that we would continue to discuss with our European colleagues going forward.

Asked how the Prime Minister felt that this round of talks with the President went, because it did seem rather noticeable that they seemed to be getting on rather better than they did when they first met in Camp David last July, and were relations now warmer, the PMS replied that he did not necessarily accept the premise of the question. They had a good meeting back in July, they had a good meeting in April and they had a good meeting today.

Put that they were getting to know each other a bit more, and were getting on rather better now, and the President certainly seemed a bit warmer, the PMS replied that as he said, it was a good meeting back in July, and was a good meeting today.

Put that Mrs Bush seemed to think it was a shame that the two couples were not going to have the time to get to know each other better, and would the Browns be keeping in touch with the Bushes, the PMS replied that the Prime Minister kept in touch with many world leaders and former finance ministers that he had worked with over the years, and he was sure that the President and Mrs Bush would be no exception.

Asked if they exchanged any gifts, the PMS replied that the Prime Minister gave President Bush a number of old photographs of President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

Asked what he received in return, the PMS replied that he did not know the answer to that one.

Asked which Roosevelt the picture were of, the PMS replied that he was not sure there were any pictures of Winston Churchill and Teddy Roosevelt.

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