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Knife Crime

Asked if the Government would be making any announcements on the current knife crime epidemic, the PMS replied that Jacqui Smith gave a speech last week where she set out quite comprehensively what the Government was doing on knife crime. We would soon be launching a new national million pound campaign to challenge the fear, glamour, and peer pressure that could drive youngsters to knife crime, so there would be announcements in the coming days.

Asked if Rio Ferdinand was still involved in this, this the PMS replied that on exactly which professional footballers were involved, it was best to check with the Home Office.

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  1. I believe that the current deviancy among our young people is for the most part the responsibility of parents, who obviously have not instilled any morals, cores values or education in their offspring.
    Although there are diverse outside influences on children, they can be controlled. It just takes hard work and the necessary commitment from parents. If you plant a seed it will not grow and yield without the necessary nurturing.
    I believe that the main factors for the downfall of today’s young people are:
    Parents allowing work commitments to overshadow the responsibilities of raising their children.
    Single parent families although sometimes unavoidable, can often be detrimental to the well-being of children, given that children need the balance and security of a two parent family in order to aid their development. This is particulary evident amongst young males and therefore imperative that fathers are present in their children lives as positive role models.
    Children being raised by parents who are not much older than themselves, in essence children raising children.
    Such families need HELP!!! In most cases these situations can be avoided if the young people concerned, had some where to go where peer group pressure can be balanced by more positive and creative influences.
    Young people need to be directed by adults who have vision and experience and are able to pass the baton of knowledge and wisdom.
    This is where Nu Start comes into play.We are a fledgling organisation which has been specifically set up to aid families who are unable to manage or have lost control of their children.

    Nu Start Community Enterprise supports, encourages and empowers young people and their community to reach and fulfil their potential by tapping into resources that will allow young people to achieve, both economically, physically and educationally.
    In turn, our work in creating community projects
    referring young people into work placements and educational based courses
    developing positive role models, will as a consequence, benefit their peers, family and their surrounding community, which will lead to safer neighbourhoods, higher attainment and a better environment to live in. 

    We supply Counselling, Mentoring as well as a number of courses/workshops to motivate and instil a work ethic in young people, thus creating a more confident and positive mind set.

    Today’s young people feel there is no hope for them. This opens the door for negative actions including drug abuse, anti social behaviour, depression and early sexual activity.

    To tackle this problem we need to identify the root cause of this deviancy in our young people.This appears to have been ignored by other organisations who instead prefer to reward this deviancy with trips to Disney Land and which does little to help or alleviate these problems.

    Nu Start recognises the importance of identifying the root cause of deviancy in the young and thus have the services of qualified experienced Psychologists specialising in deviant behaviour such as conduct problems, self control and anger-management issues, childhood abuse, drug/alcohol abuse etc.

    The government also need to play their part, eg. funding the right organisations which can make a difference, instead of re-enforcing nepotism. (eg.the old school tie network)

    Further government legislation with regard to drugs specifically “Skunk” needs to be tightened as this is a major cause of disfunctional attitudes and psychotic behaviour of today’s young people .

    When these factors have been finally addressed then we may begin to see a change in the attitude and lives of our young people and this can only be beneficial to society at large.

    For more info regarding Nu Start Community Enterprise please contact: info@nustart.org

    Comment by Nu Start — 15 Jun 2008 on 12:16 am | Link
  2. I think that knife crime is a issue amongst young people in London because of the parents. The parents of these young people are not setting any boundaries in terms of behaviour. It is as if that the parents have actually forgot how to be a parent. These issues are also related with single mothers. If the father isn’t around to sustain dominance over the child, then the child would act out in different ways. Knife crime is just one of the ways that children act out. The issues in the household also contribute to the rising incline of knife crime. Certain kinds of music are also a contributing factor to the rise of knife crime. In some types of music they talk about killing people and when some dies because of a crime, related to their music they say that it is not their fault like they didn’t do anything.

    If you think this was typed by an adult, well you’re wrong. This was typed by a 14 year old.

    Comment by ANelson — 24 Jun 2008 on 12:24 pm | Link
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