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Shilpa Shetty

Asked what happened at the Prime Minister’s meeting with Shilpa Shetty earlier today, the PMOS replied that the meeting was requested by Shilpa Shetty. The serious aspect of the Big Brother issue was that firstly, it had called into question this country’s attitude towards racism. The response to that from the country and from the Government was to underline that there was no room in the UK at all for any perception of racism whatsoever. Secondly, it called into question the relations between Britain and India, and the Government at the time used the opportunity to underline its commitment to that relationship. Shilpa Shetty had asked for the meeting to thank the Prime Minister for making both the points clear, and the Prime Minister was pleased to meet her.

Asked if the Prime Minister genuinely thought that the UK’s relationship with India was called into question by Big Brother, the PMOS said that if people had seen the demonstrations in India at the time they were against something that was on UK television, that was a serious development. We all knew from sad history, situations like that could very quickly turn into something very seriously. Therefore, people should not underestimate that. Equally, it was genuinely the case that this country reacted very strongly to any perception of racism at all.

Put by the Daily Express that Shilpa Shetty had met with four other Cabinet Ministers today, and having been told how busy Government was at the moment, did four need to meet her, the PMOS said that he had not noticed the Daily Express had covered this issue any less than any other paper, so presumably, the journalist was applying that to his own paper. The PMOS said the journalist should take the beam out of his own eye before he criticized others.

Asked if it was correct that the Prime Minister had given Shilpa Shetty a present of a signed portrait of the Commons, and also, what did the Prime Minister make of her, and did he give any thought to the suggestion that she would make a good envoy, the PMOS said that he had not heard any of the suggestions! The PMOS said that there was the photocall aspect of this, as well as the serious aspect of it all.

Asked where the meeting was, and how long did it go on for, the PMOS replied that it took place in the Prime Minister’s room in the Commons, and it was a few minutes long.

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  1. Getting too much about this women whose own parents are not treating their company workers very well in india.It is enough to know "I feel like laughing". She is just a drama Queen and just trying to earn fame. This country has forgiven everyone and given equal opportunities to all. So how british people in their own country and threatening their own people Jade, Danielle & Jo just on a Tv drama where there was no racism on the show!! Would British people Pls wake up and love your own people before loving other country people. Myself being an indian i know very well how asian people treat their own people with no respect and in asian country some community are being treated as piece of shit and are not even allowed to touch the upper community (Caste system in Asian countries)This country is forgving and bollywood celebrities themselves treat normal people not very well. It is very boring now that people are just going mad about this where there are many other things to focused on !!!!

    Comment by Pallavi Hodgson — 15 Feb 2007 on 8:52 am | Link
  2. I take it you’re half cast

    Comment by sheena — 17 Feb 2007 on 7:58 pm | Link
  3. Thanks Jade…err Pallavi..for your insightful comments. Lets now turn the guns on english people who dont free up scotts and irish. Yes Britain is a great country and so is india.

    Comment by yash — 5 Mar 2007 on 10:07 pm | Link

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