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Police Inquiry

Asked if the Prime Minister expected to be interviewed again by the police, the Prime Minister’s Official Spokesman (PMOS) said that he had checked with people in Downing Street and within wider Government, and the answer was that there had been no contact at all about the possibility of a third interview, and people could draw their own conclusions from that.

Put that it was thought that the Prime Minister might have come back to police with a couple of points, the PMOS replied that he had seen the speculation, but he had nothing to back that up.

Asked if the Prime Minister had met with Lord Levy and Jonathan Powell to discuss the handling of the investigation, the PMOS said that as people knew, we had not been giving a running commentary on the investigation so far, and he was not about to start, no matter how much speculation there was elsewhere.

Asked if Lord Levy was travelling to Israel with Margaret Beckett this week, the PMOS replied that we did not comment on Lord Levy’s movements.

Asked by the Evening Standard why Lord Levy’s movements were "shrouded in secrecy" and why was his role so "murky", the PMOS replied that if someone was involved with a peace process, as Lord Levy was, the glare of publicity was a hindrance, not a help.

Asked that when Lord Levy travelled to Kazakhstan or Brazil, that was on peace process business, not trade, for example, and was everything Lord Levy did related to the peace process, the PMOS said that it was best not to give a running commentary and not to get too heated about it.

Put by the journalist that he was being "passionate", the PMOS replied that "passion" was yesterday’s match at the Millennium Stadium!

Put that the FCO had said that Lord Levy acted as the Prime Minister’s representative in Brazil, therefore, why could journalists not ask questions, the PMOS replied for the same reasons as before. Stating that Lord Levy was the Prime Minister’s representative did not make the need for confidentiality any less.

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  1. It’s a shame for Tone. My heart bleeds for him. I’m prepared to give the benefit of the doubt to his old mate Lord Levy, too. The smoking gun email conversation between Lord Levy and Sir Christopher Evans reveals that the question \x93Wd you like a K or a big P?\x94 was was asked in connection with Sir Christopher’s \xA31 million loan. If I was the noble lord’s defence counsel when he comes to trial I would assure the jurors that a K is a Kitkat and a big P is a Penguin. The worst they could make of it would be a loans for biscuits scam. Watch out for Tone letting Levy take the rap for the whole thing and the Blairites trying to mire Brown in it all.The New Labour suits deserve each other.

    Comment by Tony — 5 Feb 2007 on 8:09 pm | Link
  2. If you really think Lord Levy is going to take the rap you’re living in cloud cuckoo land! It’s all a sham, designed to make it look as though the democratic process is still alive. Lord Levy is one of the moneymen – moneymen don’t take the fall, they never have and they never will. Time will tell, but if it DOES come to trial watch Lord Moneybags walk away on some technicality, at huge expense to the taxpayer of course. They’re taking the piss, and people are too blind to see it. It’s all a big game to these people in the rich upper-crust school tie clubs; they’re all scratching each other’s backs, they’re all members of the same clubs and round-table groups, Freemasons, Illuminati, Bilderbergers, Royal Institute for International Affairs, Club of Rome, and loads of lesser known ones. Don’t look for justice to be served, because quite simply it will not – money trumps justice every time, as you should all know by now!

    Comment by SmokeNMirrors — 6 Feb 2007 on 10:25 am | Link

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