» Thursday, December 14, 2006

EU Enlargement

Asked about the suggestion that enlargement and the constitution could be linked, the PMOS said that discussions about the constitution would not take place before the German presidency of the EU, no decisions will be taken before then. On the enlargement issue we believe that while enlargement candidates have to meet the criteria, but no new criteria are needed. Put to the PMOS that the Deputy Prime Minister yesterday had suggested that any plan to revise or draw from talks a constitution would be put to a referendum, the PMOS said he would not get involved in a hypothetical discussion about a subject which is not down for discussion until the German presidency.

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  1. Constitution? Hold on a second here; the whole concept was bombed out of the water by the first two resounding "no" votes in the referenda in France and whichever the other country was. Surely? Remember? Or am I just being hopelessly naive in thinking that these Globalists will not carry on trying until they get exactly what they want, one way or another? Oh look, they did…! Meanwhile, back on Eastenders…

    Comment by SmokeNMirrors — 14 Dec 2006 on 7:29 pm | Link
  2. It was Holland. If it was just Holland it wouldn’t matter, in the age of internet porn nobody gives a fuck about Holland, they’ll be under water in five minutes anyway but the French have a different idea of democracy. If anybody like Blair came to power they’d be on the streets rioting. The English will put up with anything, witness Iraq, witness the NewLabour Rotten Borough of Scotland, witness the gangster PFI initiatives in the NHS etc., etc..

    Although every time the Wehrmacht come calling the French drop their trousers and bend over they do have a tradition of separating the Establishment from it’s head; they also have a strong anti-American view about their own culture and will resist a constitution of globalisation.

    The real worry is the manufacturing of some terrorist threat which would be construed as a reason for Ayatollah Blair remaining in power indefinitely in order to see it off. Frightened by the disdain in which they are held and which they impudently deride as voter apathy the house, as long as they all got a payrise and maybe a seat at the cabinet table of a national security government, would happily suspend the representation of the people act. AS you say elsewhere "Sir" Ian Blair’s Met is not going to embarrass the government. While we still can we need to take to the streets. Vive la France.

    Comment by tasty macfadden — 15 Dec 2006 on 12:30 am | Link

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