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Murders in Suffolk

Asked as the Prime Minister, on the basis of pubic safety, had made a statement in the House re the Litvinenko murder, would he be making a statement on the murders in Suffolk and any plans for discussion on plans for managed areas for prostitution, the PMOS said that nobody is in any about at all about the level of concern there is nationally and locally about this issue. We fully understand the impact these terrible events must be having on that particular area.

The PMOS added that officials had been in touch yesterday with the Chief Constable and that the Home Secretary had also spoken to him to ensure he had the outside help and resources that he needs. The first priority is to make sure that there is no problem, as it is a small force, in getting the outside help. The Chief Constable has passed the message back yesterday saying that he was happy with the level of resources that he had.

In terms of prostitution, no one in anyway should take any of the responsibility for these crimes off the person or persons who has committed these crimes. In terms of prostitution generally, we have come up with proposals for a strategy to enable two or three women to work from private premises, but we are still consulting with stakeholders about how that might work. Managed areas have been looked at carefully and there is no real evidence that formal managed areas can actually deliver in terms of improvements to safety of those involved in prostitution. It is a very difficult issue in which conflicting needs have to be addressed in terms of the law, drugs and neighborhoods. There is a level of debate but that debate should be carried on and in no way take away any of the responsibility from the person or persons who carried out the murders.

Asked if the case reinforced the need for police force mergers, the PMOS said that issues such as police mergers should be debated away from the event itself. The events themselves are ones that would stretch and make demands on any police force. It is important that we send a message of support to the Suffolk police and make sure that they have all the resources that they require.

Asked again if the Prime Minister would be making a statement, the PMOS said that if it was felt there was a need there would be but at the moment this was essentially first and foremost an operational matter for Suffolk police.

Asked if from this there would be any further action taken on drugs, their import from Afghanistan and Turkey, the PMOS said again in terms of drugs and heroin this was already a top priority, and a priority in terms of how we handle it at this end in terms of Home Office, but also in terms of Afghanistan, and again the difficulties there are well known in terms of trying to ensure that there is an alternative source of income for those in Afghanistan.

Asked if the Chief Constable required further help and resources would he get them if he asked for them, the PMOS said of course we would listen to his requests and make sure he had the resources necessary. The important thing was that we allow the police to get on with their job at this stage.

Asked in terms of ‘mini brothels’ had this already been thought about or is it something arising from the murders, the PMOS said it had been said some time ago that this was an idea that the we wanted to consult on and we were in the process of that consultation but that the Home Office would have the detail and progression of that consultation. This is not a consultation that has come up as a result of this case but something that was already being debated.

Asked if the managed areas were in the same category as the women in premises, the PMOS said that the idea of a ‘mini brothel’ where two or three women is one which we are consulting on on safety implications and so on. A managed area is something that we have looked at and, in effect, rejected, as it does not increase safety.

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  1. Why stop at a mini brothel for the people? The house of commons is a very large brothel, filled with whores, hustlers and cheap thrill merchants who will go down on their knees for almost anyone bar their constituents; we should demand six hundred strong brothels on every corner, surrounded, of course, by tank traps and armoured police so that the slappers inside can continue to earn a crust far from the madding crowd’s ignoble strife.

    The Labour Party of Mandelson and Blair talking about prostitution ? God, as we say, fucking help us. I think Bernie Ecclestone said that.

    Comment by tasty macfadden — 13 Dec 2006 on 9:33 pm | Link

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