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Asked if there was any view on the Russians' behaviour post-Litvinenko, for example, their getting the BBC World Service off air etc, the PMOS replied that the Prime Minister had made it clear that there should be no political or diplomatic bar on the police investigation. We expected co-operation from the Russian Authorities. The PMOS added that he was not going to give a running commentary on the investigation, but that was the standard which the Prime Minister had set here, and that was also the requirement from the Russian Authorities. The PMOS also said that in the past, we had expressed very firmly our concerns about human rights issues in Russian, and those concerns remained.

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General Pinochet

Asked if we would be sending a Ministerial representative to General Pinochet's funeral, the PMOS said it would be a matter for the FCO to decide.

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Christmas Presents

Asked if the Prime Minister had bought his mother-in-law's Christmas present yet, the PMOS replied that there were some issues that were too dangerous for him to get involved in! The PMOS added that the important question people should be asking was whether the PMOS would have time this week to buy his; if he was late to lobby this week, people would know why!

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