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Sarah’s law

Asked if he could give further details concerning information that might be released under the proposed Sarah’s law, based on the USA’s Megan’s law, the PMOS said no because we were starting the process of learning what lessons could be learned from the USA. It was important that that should take place. That was what the Home Secretary had said Gerry Sutcliffe would do. Asked for clarification of what the Home Secretary had meant, the PMOS said that on the one hand you had to try and give the public useful information whilst at the same time balance the need for individual security. You had to try and work your way through that. In the USA there was a body of experience which was well worth looking at and Gerry Sutcliffe would do that. In the meantime the Home Secretary had moved on the issue of convicted paedophiles being in accommodation near schools. Asked what exactly was changing from measures taken by this Government in the past, the PMOS said that given that there remained a continued community concern on this issue, as anyone who was in touch with the local community could tell you, then it was sensible to look at the lessons to be learned from the United States. Asked if there might be the possibility of lists of names of paedophiles in the public domain, the PMOS said that he was not prejudging anything. People should recognise that the Home Secretary had taken action on the specific issue of paedophiles in probation centres near schools, which was a matter of concern for many people. As the Home Secretary had said, his presumption was that the public should have more information than it had had so far.

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  1. I think what sara is doind is really good and she is such a strong woman to have gone though something like that and come out with her head held hight looking out and thinking of others, i think the best thing you can do is let her go as far as she wants because im not being funny but what have you got to loose…


    she has my full support

    Comment by abbie — 15 Feb 2007 on 1:38 pm | Link
  2. I believe the time has come for the government to start listening to the the voices of the public instead of so could human rights issues, what about the human rights of our children who deserve the right feel safe and secure. I am a mother of three and I still don’t feel I can allow my daughter of 13 to go out on her own, what about her freedom? It breaks my heart when I hear of yet another child being taken, they used to be snatched from our streets but now they are being taken from their own beds and even the bath.It has to stop!!!! It is disgusting that we live in such a society, and I am fed up with the guilty getting so much protection than what our children get. I call out for all parents, uncle’s, Aunties, grandparents and anyone who cares about our innocent children to stand up and protest and demand more from our so called government. These people need to be locked up forever. I ask one question, how many more children have to suffer at the hands of these monsters before something is done??????

    Comment by Sarah Bowden — 10 May 2007 on 10:48 am | Link

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