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Asked about Iran, the PMOS said that the important thing about Iran at this stage was that Iran’s obligation was spelled out very clearly. We needed to know whether Iran was or was not going to meet its obligations. The other important thing was that through the processes of the UN there was a consensus building about what we should do. That was where we should keep the focus. He was not going to provide a commentary on where we were on that process. That was best done in New York. Asked what the Prime Minister meant by the statement that change needed to take place in Iran, the PMOS said that in terms of where President Bush was, he had stated his position last night when he had said that he was fully engaged in the diplomatic process. There was no difference between us and the Americans on that front whatsoever.  In terms of change, that would come through showing that democracy worked, that was why Iraq was important. If you could show that Sunnis, Kurds and Shia could work together for the national government and improve the lot of Iraqis, then the fashionable pessimist, who said that this was not possible would be proved wrong. Those who said that democracy, wasn’t possible in the Middle East would be proved wrong. That would create its own momentum.

Asked about negotiations with Iran, the PMOS said that what was important that we did whatever was best to continue to build the consensus we needed to put the maximum pressure on Iran. That process had been successful to date and we would continue with that process. The important thing was that Iran knew that it was isolated in the international community, that no one believed that it was living up to its obligations.

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  1. Lies, lies and more lies. Iran IS meeting it’s obligations under the NPT, and in fact just the other day offered a huge olive branch in that it agreed to limit it’s enrichment activities to 10% (weapons grade uranium = approx. 80 – 90%), with inspections to prove it.


    Let’s see if this olive branch is ignored, in the same way that Kindasleazy Rice admitted she had rejected the letter from the Iranian President without even reading it. Let’s face it, our governments are intent on nicking Iran’s oil, and the rest of the hydrocarbon deposits in the Caspian Basin, and they don’t care how many people know they are lying about it, just as long as the mainstream media continues to play ball and roll over to let them do it. Disgusting.

    And I think Bliar’s backtracking on the nuclear issue at home is a sign of the government’s desperation – maybe Peak Oil is more of advanced than we even suspect. But even that does not justify yet more military misadventure. There are ways to sort out the world’s fuel problems without resorting to death and destruction. Sadly, our supposedly Christian leadership are incapable of self-sacrifice, which is the real root of the world’s problems.

    Comment by SmokeNMirrors — 29 May 2006 on 5:33 pm | Link
  2. It’s not just Peak Oil which is the worry, there’s a real problem with Peak Energy – watch for Energy Company desperation in the USA this summer…..

    Electricity prices up, CO2 emissions from coal-fired power stations up, Natural Gas prices up, oil prices up, etc etc.

    No wonder there’s also the rush to nuclear power.

    Comment by Chuck Unsworth — 29 May 2006 on 9:22 pm | Link

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