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Home Office Statistics

Asked what did the Prime Minister think about the Home Office statistics that showed that violent crime and robbery were on the increase, the PMOS said that what the journalist had left out that overall crime had continued to go down. There were, as we had recognised, particular issues and concerns of those categories which were being dealt with. The PMOS said that in terms of public discussion, it did not help to produce statements that did not recognise that overall, crime continued to decrease.

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  1. Well this means that only the Government will decide what people should be concerned about.

    As to those people being mugged molested and assaulted on our streets, they should be truly grateful that ‘certain types’ of ‘recorded’ crime are decreasing. Even as they lie there bleeding they should ‘rejoice’, even if they can’t be heard above the repeated fanfares for new ‘street crime initiatives’

    I don’t think so.

    Comment by Chuck Unsworth — 26 Jan 2006 on 1:16 pm | Link
  2. More grooming…

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 26 Jan 2006 on 4:35 pm | Link
  3. It is getting serious on these streets.

    I am a Licenced Security Officer and I am constantly in touch with Police over local theft issues. The situation is drugs, you have promised a policy against drugs.

    What about the 2 year national service idea?

    I spent 15 years military and I think you will agree that it will sort out the sponge from the pudding.

    Everyone, this weekend has had an issue that has been brought on by drug offenders and we live in a rural area, so what chance has anyone got in an urban situation. We are entitled to walk the strets safely. At the moment, drug fed kids are rife and it is unsafe to walk the street because everyone thinks they know everyone(but not well enough).

    Give me a response and I will give you a vote,

    Other option is I will contiue to deplete Police resourses by reporting crime that never gets solved.

    I remain,
    your most obedient servant.

    S Rimmer

    You have an obligation to your voter and you as elected should with some commitment support this community.

    We need to clean up this area and quickly before it gets too far.

    Drugs are rife, people I work with are scared, threatened with abused syringes.

    This is not why I pay tax.

    I remain,
    your most obedient servant.

    S Rimmer

    Comment by Steve Rimmer — 4 Feb 2006 on 2:37 pm | Link

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