» Monday, December 12, 2005

Rendition Flights

Asked if Jack Straw would give any information about the rendition flights, as mentioned on the radio today, the PMOS said that what the Foreign Secretary was doing was with the agreement of Mr. Menzies-Campbell who asked Mr. Straw a PQ last week, was to answer that there were three requests for rendition in the Clinton Presidency in 1998, two of which were agreed, and the other was refused. There had been no such requests since 9/11 under the current administration.

Asked if we had asked the Americans whether thy had stopped over in Britain at any time, the PMOS replied that the Foreign Secretary had said on the radio today that Dr. Rice had given him the necessary assurances. Therefore, that remained the position. The position on the 400 flights that had been referred to in the interview was normal CIA business, not related to renditions.

Asked how we would know, the PMOS said we accepted the assurances of our allies.

Asked what normal CIA business actually was, the PMOS replied that it was like normal security service business in this country, and was something that was not discussed for very obvious reasons.

Asked where the 400 flights were to, the PMOS replied that they had at some point gone through British airports.

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  1. I like the charming simplicity of thought. The Americans give us ‘assurances’ and we accept them. No question, not even ‘could we have that in writing, please?’, no nothing.

    It would be nice to know exactly what Straw regards as a necessary assurance. Of course if you don’t ask questions you won’t be told lies – by ‘our allies’.

    Normal CIA business is pretty murky, and always has been. Do we really accept the words of such people? They are almost as trustworthy as our Cabinet Ministers….

    Comment by Chuck Unsworth — 13 Dec 2005 on 9:59 am | Link

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