» Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Norman Kember

Asked if the Prime Minister was being kept informed of the Norman Kember situation as the deadline was tomorrow, the PMOS said that all along he had refused to comment publicly for very good reasons, as they could understand. He was going to keep to that and not comment on this matter. Needless to say we were following the issue very closely, but it was best that inquiries were directed to the Foreign Office who were heading this up in this instance.

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  1. "Heading this up" is another one of those solecisms characteristic of NewLabourSpeak butnever mind. There is a terrible impudence about these people who believe their special lord up there in heaven will protect them no matter how suicidally stupid their behaviour; that they are somehow so steeped in goodness that their very presence will ameliorate a situation which, for all concerned, is as grave and dangerous as can be. Terry Waite, he was another one, publicity hungry celebrity christian. Arsehole. If Norman gets offed his family can’t complain, he will, like his saviour, have laid down his life for his faith, but not, in this case, so that others might live, so that more might die but Hey, he’ll be a martyr, what more could he want. If he didn’t really, desperately want that he woulda stayed home wouldn’t he? With his wife and family who will,now, never recover from this, whatever the outcome, what kind of a man would put his family through that? He shoulda tried walking on water down the local park before going off to perform miracles of reconciliation in a foreign land. The worst thing of course is that in begging publicly for his life he hands a victory to these head-taking godless heathen bastards, or, as he would probably put it, brothers in another faith

    I saw that Bruce Kent geezer one time, a few years back, the Artist formerly known as Monsignor, he was just unspeakably horrible; he had all the grey and bald heads at the meeting nodding for peace and CND, much good its done. No wonder the men in black at Child Molesters, Rome, plc (est. AD 33) thew him out on his ear. Its one thing marching to Faslane with a load of retired teachers, protesting Trident, quite a different matter having your head sawn off on camera. I blame Bruce Kent, he’s a bad influence on all these silly old buggers. Put him in Belmarsh.

    I think David Blunkett said that.

    Comment by the lonesome organ grinder — 9 Dec 2005 on 1:21 am | Link
  2. This stupid old fool put a lot of innocent lives at risk due to his foolish belief that himself and other so called do gooders could help Iraq, I am sure that if the red cross, UK & USA humanitarian forces cant do it he deserved everything he got, now sue/bill for the rescue operation after all the UK tax payer pays for armed services and this norman nut head kember has to pay as i aint paying for a geriatric on a mission.

    Comment by Malcolm Smith — 15 Apr 2006 on 1:21 pm | Link

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