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Asked if the Prime Minister would raise the trial of Dr. Kiiza Besigye with the Ugandan President, the Prime Minister’s Official Spokesman (PMOS) said that Hilary Benn and Lord Triesman had already raised this issue with the Ugandans here in Malta this week. The EU, yesterday, issued a statement calling for due process to be followed and for it to be followed quickly. The Ugandan elections were next March. As it happened because of the alphabetical order in which the leaders sat, the Prime Minister would in fact sit next to President Museveni during the Commonwealth conference. As such he had no doubt that the Prime Minister would use that opportunity to reiterate the UK and EU’s view that due process must be followed.

Asked if it was appropriate that the next CHOGM meeting take place in Uganda, the PMOS said that clearly it was still two years down the line. We wanted to see that due process was followed now. Therefore what happened in two years time was a different matter. He had already indicated what the Government’s and the EU’s position was and what the Prime Minister himself would say about the seriousness with which we regarded current events.

Put to him that the big problem was that the decision on where the next CHOGM would be held had to be taken on a Sunday, the PMOS said that a decision did have to be taken now, but that you took that decision in the knowledge that the event itself did not take place for two years. What was important, frankly, was not speculating about where we would be in two years time but to concentrate on ensuring that due process was observed now. That was the point of the EU statement. It was equally important that due process was observed now and quickly because of the elections in March.

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    First of all we like to thank Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for doing the good work of bringing democratization to the country and opening up doors. But at the same time we believe more can be achieved and that is why we started MSP.

    Muhumusa Socialdemocratic Party is not intrested in talking about what Uganda used to be like, only intrested in how Uganda doing today and what is the future is Uganda.

    Our party stands for:

    More education in the country, So that the next four-generation can built up the country stronger. Because there hasn’t been enough education.

    More agriculture in the country so we can develop more and use our own sources. We have been lied to that only Uganda can export Te, Caf\xE9 and Tobacco e.t.c but we believe Uganda can plant different types of Cacao, strawberries and roses. Because our country is a tropical country we can plane or export anything and at the same time we can plant our own food and the budget to this 15% in same time this will incise accordantly to the export. If you are well to work we will give you the croups and cash your own pocket.

    More industries and resources. We are planning to bring more investors to the country and even our government will co oprate with anybody inside the country who wants to invest. We would repair or rebuilt the old railroads and built more railroads across the country but not only rebuilding, we would bring new trains. Our first budget is 10 new trains but 4 of these trains would be more advanced and faster so that it can be able to travel border to border.

    This will help between 5 to 15% unemploeed population we would rebuild our roads but more focus on the highways. So we can be able to have our export and import inside the country, at the same time we will be instoring traficlights inside Kampala and then we can be moving to outside the city. And at the same time we will be change Kampala to have 3 ways to enter. This will give us the chance to controll the traficjams.

    UEB will be responsiple for power to transfer the elecrisiti to be transtered all over the government-sektere. At Lake Victoria there is an old railroad, we are planing to rebuild at the same time we will build under the briage power stor.
    We would love to rebuild our airport and all the runningways to be able to have move airtraffic. This is insluding to have a working Ugandan airline so that it functions and it will cut down the number of unemployed women or young women.

    More healthcares. Cleaning of streets to reduce the danger of sickesses and people can breath clean air and also we can aglobal fight on malaria in our country. The government would take respaisible to hunt down the resurces of the bacterie or virus. And the key to this is to keep clean: clean water. That is not only what we going to do but we will deal with the western world very seriuisly on the issue of the medesin and for once and all but an end of this.

    On the Aids this is special we will be deling with the Brasil and after western world for the vaccination so that people can surorive with the sickness without dangering themself between 10 – 20 yearstime so that life can countine. All this by the end of the first decate it will be function and for me as a leader will be very happy cause if will be good results for the country to working. If will be between 10 – 15% unemployed,
    I mean real jobs not mopeddrivers arround the town lying that they are working and rubbing people. It is not resamy and this program is going to the Uganda government not only Kampala government, I mean like the gvernment today is focusing or protecting Kampala it is just a capital city not all Uganda other you are saying Buganda alone.

    No more ignorence in the country. We have built and planned for four generations ahead and also it is good to fight ignorence out of the country, ignorence is serious disease.

    No more corruption in the country. Today there is too much corruption so it cannot function. Corruption is a very serious disease which we going to hunt down. We need to attack it so the country cans devolop. According to the goverment today they say that it is 50% corruption in the country. Our mission is to put things in action to fight the corruption down to 0% but that is a battle, which is very difficult to win.
    But we will fight it and we will win, try our very best to come to that number because it is a lot of money that is going to be invested in country so we would love to see there is no curroption. This will be a full responsible to the chairman of the party and his crew and even they find the chairman of the party corrupted he or she has to retire from the office or any ofter member in the cabirett after the investigation.

    Our culture is importont so we know how we are. We have to learn to live together and cooporate. The (Kabaka) King should always be respected in the country. And given rights as long as they are open minded.

    Uganda has been having serious problem because of AIDS and the war in the Northern part of the country. A lot of children have lost their parents. The solution is not the Military; we need to give youth help up to the age of twenty so they can have a start to a better life.
    The Ugandan military do not need to sell any ammunation but we are planing to have a very large infantory, which will be more harmed, and more disciplined. Everybody should have 2 pars of shoes and 2 uniforms. We will reform the military, one of the things being changed is the name of the military from UPDF to USA, (Uganda Socialdemocratic Army) every year 10 % or more of the Ugandan budget will go to the military and we will promote a few Lt. Colonel to Brig. General and some Colonel will be became Lt. General.

    The Muhumusa Socialdemocratic Party will have a chairman who leads the party to the power and will after 5 – 10 years in power atomaticlly step down so a new Chairman can be elected by the cabinet with help from the former Chairman without corruption or personal intrests.
    We would or will never except changes to the new consitutition simply because is in a persons interests.

    The Muhumusa Socialdemocratic Party have no personal intrests, it is a party for all the people of Uganda.
    MSP is socialdemocratic party, which believes in a free, independenct Uganda were the people have the rights to decide.
    Today it seems to MSP that the country is moving backward instead of forward.

    Uganda should never have a president for life. It is not a Kingdom. It has changed to a republic.


    President: Hon. Muhammed A . Mbago (a.k.a “The Real Deal”)

    Vice President: Hon. Kalema Marlamu.

    Finance & Planning : Hon. Muhammed A . Mbago and these to be appointed.

    This appointed ministers:
    We would like remained them if they exept the positions in the party. They will be running or working in 2011- 2021 and then the new chairman will be election from the cabinet but:
    1. There will be no corruption
    2. Everybody will have a fair bite of the cookie (salary or wages)
    3. And of course everybody can have a chance to become the next chairman of the MSP.

    The following people I would like to work with:

    1 Hon. Gen. Aronda Nyakairima minister of Defence

    2 Hon Olara Otunnu minister of Foreign Affairs

    3 Hon. Gen. Mugisha Muntu minister of Interior Affairs

    4 Hon. Dr. Abed Bwanika minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries.

    5 Hon. Hussein Kyanjo minister of Education & Sports

    6 Hon. Acen Rhoda minister of Finance, and Economic Development

    7 Hon. Lt. Gen. Fred Tolit National security Advisor to Army Commander

    8 Hon. Mwondha Faith minister of Justice and Inspector General Government

    9 Hon. Gen. Hudson Mukasa National security Advisor to Defence minister

    10 Hon. Margaret Muhanga minister of Trade, Tourism, Wildlife & Antiquities

    11 The Army Commander: Gen. Francis Okello

    12 Hon. Kawuma Muhammad minister of Local Government

    13 Hon. Dr. Ezra Suruma minister of Health

    14 Hon. Rose Euku minister of Water, Lands & Environment

    15 Hon. Suspended minister of Transport and Development

    This list may encreace during the years going towards 2011- 2016 up the election.





    Freedom Human rights

    Online Tel email

    Chairman: 0046 /,73903922,73903928 & 709196673 mbago_nou@yahoo.com

    Vice Chairman : 00256 / 752986836

    From The chairman of Muhumusa Socialdemocratic Party
    Muhammed Mbago.Amin Dada (a.k.a “The Real Deal”)
    For God and My Country.
    26th /05/2005

    Comment by Muhammed Mbago — 31 Mar 2006 on 10:50 am | Link
  2. I wonder if we could have this in precis form?

    I got a little tired after struggling to get as far as Paragraph 14

    Comment by Chuck Unsworth — 3 Apr 2006 on 11:38 am | Link

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