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Asked if Professor David King had accurately mirror the Prime Minister’s views on the need to restrict the issue on nuclear power, the PMOS said that the Prime Minister’s view was that we needed to look at all the options. The important thing was that we looked at this both in terms of the energy security of this country, and that the energy market was changing, both in Britain and in Europe as well. We also needed to look at the issue of climate change, so both were guiding principles. With regards to a forward-look, there would be announcements soon, but the PMOS did not want to pre-empt them.

Put that the Prime Minister appeared to have made up his mind on the issue, the PMOS replied that what we did on an issue as serious as this was to look seriously at the options, and look at the change in circumstances, and look at the demand of climate change. If that process was to continue, it should not be pre-empted, therefore, people should let the process happen, step-by-step.

Asked if that would be a process that wanted an open debate in Government, the PMOS replied that these were genuinely very serious and important issues and they should get the study that they deserved.

Asked if the Prime Minister believed that the timetable for reaching a decision was more urgent, the PMOS said the Prime Minister would set out his view of this before too long.

Asked if it was fair to say the processes were linked in the minds of the policy makers, the PMOS said that all these were issues that were a legitimate part of the consideration, but people should wait until we were ready to make the announcement and take the process forward.

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  1. Peak Oil! Go on, say it!

    Comment by Julian Todd — 21 Nov 2005 on 11:25 pm | Link
  2. Put it this way; if it IS Peak Oil and the bloody GOVERNMENT are worried, the rest of us may as well just go buy a spade and make ourselves comfortable…!

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 22 Nov 2005 on 2:59 am | Link
  3. And while we’re at it we may as well acknowledge Peak Gas……

    Nuclear generation of electricity – properly controlled, designed, built, maintained etc etc – is probably relatively safe.

    However, having spent some time at one (now decommissioned) nuclear power station, what worries me is the general state of delapidations in and around the facility. That is really worrying. The standards of care and attention were/are abysmal.

    Still everyone has forgotten Chernobyl (and Kyoto) by now, haven’t they…

    Comment by Chuck Unsworth — 22 Nov 2005 on 3:29 pm | Link
  4. Speaking of nuclear power stations; has anyone else noticed the complete lack of threats by "Al Qaeda" against our vulnerable and venerable nuclear facilities? I mean, for an organisation that would supposedly like to see us and our way of life erased, you’d think they’d be queuing up at the gates, wouldn’t ya?!

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 22 Nov 2005 on 4:14 pm | Link

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