» Monday, November 14, 2005

Public Service Reform

Asked if it was fair to say that the Prime Minister would be spending more time talking with the PLP, the PMOS said that as they would see later this week the Prime Minister was putting emphasis on explaining the reform programme that the Government was elected on. That would partly be to MPs but he would also be using public platforms as well. Asked if he would be putting the emphasis on not just on explaining but listening too and creating a dialogue, the PMOS said that without getting hung up on the pedantics a dialogue was about listening and explaining. The Government was elected on a manifesto of public sector reform. The Prime Minister had made it clear, both at the time of the election and in his party conference speech that he intended to carry through that manifesto commitment.

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  1. So, let’s get this. The PM is going to spend more time explaining the manifesto to the elected Labour MPs. Why does he actually bother? Is this because they had no part in creation of the manifesto, are thick, or just completely illiterate? Maybe all three?

    As to a dialogue, well it’s the old ‘mind over matter’ routine…….

    There’s a growing chasm between Her Majesty’s Government (i.e. one Tony Blair) and the PLP, if indeed there was ever any real commonality of thought. However it’s pleasing to see that some of the PLP are beginning to be capable of independent thought and comment.

    Comment by Chuck Unsworth — 15 Nov 2005 on 11:52 am | Link
  2. No, they’e not. Smoke and mirrors, mate, smoke and mirrors. Knighthoods and peerages all round, just you watch, its all horseshit, otherwise we wouldn’t be in Eyerack in the first place, helping them skin people alive; an overwhelming majority of the PLP voted for it and anybody still in that gang and not resigned is a warmongering monster, no good giving them marks out of ten. We hanged people like them at Nuremburg. There was a phrase for what you and others are doing just now, thinking that a bunch of disgruntled ex-ministers are the new dawn of democracy, cast not your pearls before swine, that was it. I think Matthew, Mark, Luke and John said that. And that other dude.

    Comment by tasty macfadden — 15 Nov 2005 on 8:44 pm | Link

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