» Friday, November 11, 2005

Racially aggravated prosecuted offences

Asked what the Prime Minister’s reaction to the rise in racially aggravated prosecuted offences was, the Prime Minister’s Official Spokesman (PMOS) said that if you looked at the figures and talked to the relevant department they would tell you that the British Crime Survey estimated racially motivated incidents at around 206,000 for 2003/4, which was a similar figure to 2002/3. So this was about the effectiveness of prosecutions rather than an increase in crime.

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  1. So it couldn’t possibly be that the number of offences remains constant but the severity of the offences has increased – resulting in more prosecutions?
    Didn’t the PMOS want to comment on the breakdown of interracial harmony which might have been a result of the PM’s xenophobia towards Arabs and Muslims – and the fall out from the war in Iraq, the war on terror and the Sun newspaper?

    Comment by Roger Huffadine — 11 Nov 2005 on 11:03 pm | Link
  2. "xenophobia towards Arabs and Muslims"?

    Roger, I wouldn’t charcterize Tony Blair as someone who is "fearful and contemptuous of foreigners". He has had many dealings with members of the Muslim community and is held in high esteem by at least some of them. Let’s not get carried away. He is also a fervent supporter of getting Turkey into Europe – not exactly the type of preference associated with a raving xenophobe.

    Comment by Aidan Maconachy — 12 Nov 2005 on 1:06 am | Link
  3. Yes but the Turks are more ‘our’ sort of Muslim aren’t they? Rather than those ‘other’ Muslims out there in the Middle East whom we can bomb and blow away to our heart’s content……

    I think it quite likely that Blair’s view of the radical Muslim/Arab communities does differ from his view of Muslim Europeans. And of course geographical distance helps to foster that view.

    Then again, what about the differences between ‘European’ Jews and the Israelis?

    Comment by Chuck Unsworth — 12 Nov 2005 on 5:32 pm | Link
  4. Don’t forget he loves the Hindus, too. Everybody forgotten, already, the Bros. Hinduja?
    Free saris for Sharon, free pasports for them.
    Happiness is a warm vindaloo-hoo-hoo. I think, somewhere down around Buenos Aires way, Peter Mandelson said that

    Comment by tasty macfadden — 13 Nov 2005 on 9:02 pm | Link

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