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Northern Ireland

Asked about progress in Northern Ireland since decommissioning, the PMOS said we should look back at where we were in July. We had heard a very clear form of words from the IRA. We had now seen the decommissioning commission and the 2 independent witnesses saying that full decommissioning had taken place. We awaited the IMC report on paramilitary activity, or rather the lack of it in terms of the IRA. What we had seen was the implementation, we believed, of what the IRA had said it would do in July and we hoped the IMC report would support that. That was progress. Given the past we understood people's scepticism but we believed that as the implications of the decommissioning report were assessed and once the IMC report came out hopefully people would begin to see that this time things had really changed.

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Iraq Statement

Asked if the Defence Secretary's statement to the House of Commons today would include troop rotation announcements, the PMOS said that it was purely and simply an update on Iraq. There would not be new announcements as such.

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Smoking Ban

Asked what the Prime Minister's view on a smoking ban in pubs was, the PMOS said that there was a consultation process that had just been completed. No final decisions had been taken on the basis of that consultation period. The Department of Health would make known the results in due course. People should wait for that report.

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German Elections

Asked if there was a reaction to Angela Merkel becoming Chancellor of Germany, the PMOS suggested it premature to comment.

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