» Monday, October 3, 2005

IRA decommissioning

Asked to comment on the Sunday Independent’s report that the IRA was still holding on three hundred protection weapons, the PMOS pointed out what the Head of the Decommissioning Body said last week which was that he believed that all IRA weapons had been decommissioned. That was supported by the two independent witnesses. The PMOS said that was the body that had dealt with decommissioning and that was their report. In terms of the story, the PMOS noticed that it had been based on anonymous sources. The PMOS reiterated that the Decommissioning Body had said that all IRA weapons had been decommissioning in the full glare of publicity.

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  1. Well yeah; but by the same token Iraq’s weapons of mass distraction were all certified as being no more by UN weapons inspectors and we completely ignored what they said when it suited us. So, um, shut your hypocritical face, PMOS – don’t try pulling them little political stunts here with us, coz we’s on top of that game…

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 6 Oct 2005 on 11:20 am | Link
  2. If the Decommissioning Body has actually said that this took place ‘in the full glare of publicity’ then the Decommissioning Body is patently lying, stupid and a tool of the IRA and the Government.

    Naturally the PMOS is also all of the above if he is prepared to affirm this garbage.

    Where is the evidence that this has taken place? And when is Chastelain going to get his Peerage? I hope he won’t have to wait too long for his gong – there’s a strong possibility that the UDA will want to test the accuracy of their (still Commissioned) weaponry.

    Comment by Chuck Unsworth — 6 Oct 2005 on 6:40 pm | Link
  3. "then the Decommissioning Body is patently lying, stupid and a tool of the IRA and the Government."

    Yeah, so? Why else would it exist?!?!

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 7 Oct 2005 on 3:53 pm | Link
  4. OK, here’s a question for you? What does the IRA have to do to convince the public that it has changed?

    Paisley said the IRA had to ceasefire.

    So they did.

    Paisley said that wasn’t enough, Sinn Fein had to publicly condemn all acts of violence.

    So they did.

    Paisley said that wasn’t enough, they had to promise to decommision.

    So they did.

    Paisley said that still wasn’t enough! They had to have an independant commission set up to monitor the decommissioning, and Sinn Fein had to agree to that.

    So they did.

    Guess what Paisley said! Still not enough, he wanted Sinn Fein to allow a Protestant representative onto the decommisioning panel.

    So they did. They allowed a priest!

    Not enough according to good old Paisley, who has accused the priest of letting him down! Now he wants the decommissioning board to give the IRA a ‘clean bill of health’ next year.

    When they do, which they will, I guarantee I know what Paisley is going to say!

    "Not enough".

    Comment by Johnny Lyttle — 7 Oct 2005 on 4:32 pm | Link

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