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Mrs Blair

Asked why Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Washington DC introduced Mrs Blair at an event last night, the PMS said that her understanding was that this was normal procedure for the Ambassador to introduce or accompany any prominent British citizen visiting Washington DC. Asked why the Ambassador was there if, as they had been told last week, that this was an entirely private visit, the PMS said she did not think that changed it at all. Asked if there had been any thought given in Downing Street about the sensitivity of the timing, the PMS said that it was entirely coincidental the Prime Minister and Mrs Blair were in Washington at the same time. Asked if it was coincidental that the Prime Minister’s trip had been arranged as the same time as his wife’s, the PMS said that both the Prime Minister’s and the President’s diary were two very busy diaries and obviously this was the time when they could meet. Asked if this raised the question about whether the Prime Minister’s spouse should have stricter controls, the PMS said we had no comment to add to that media debate. Asked if it was correct that the embassy would be able to provide a list of prominent names of visitors the Ambassador had accompanied, the PMS suggested they spoke to the embassy in Washington, but his appearance had been normal procedure.

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  1. So the lovely saintly Cherie is now putting up a smokescreen with irrelevant comment about Dennis Thatcher. I can’t recall him giving talks to paying audiences about ‘life in Downing Street’ or giving interviews to journos about his exciting life with Maggie – but memory fails me these days.

    How credible is it that a husband and wife – albeit ‘busy’ don’t even tell each other that they’re off on (separate?) jaunts to the States. ‘Oh by the way I won’t be in for dinner as I’m just nipping over to see George in Washington to have a chat about Africa and Global Warming’. ‘Oh sorry, darling, I forgot to mention I’m going there too, to do a spot of lecturing. See you when you get back.’ – I don’t think so!

    This ghastly woman is milking it for every penny she can get. And every career diplomat must tremble at the prospect of pandering to her every whim whilst she swans around at the taxpayers’ expense.

    The word is ‘disgust’.

    Comment by Chuck Unsworth — 8 Jun 2005 on 11:54 am | Link
  2. It,s about time people stopped criticising this intelligent woman who has carved out an outstanding career in her own right

    Comment by Fred Collick — 8 Jun 2005 on 2:20 pm | Link
  3. Intelligent? – well, maybe.

    Woman? – demonstrably.

    Carved? – almost certainly.

    Outstanding career? – history will tell.

    Moral? – not in my book.

    Comment by Chuck Unsworth — 8 Jun 2005 on 3:42 pm | Link
  4. Intelligent? – Like a snake…

    Woman? – Like a snake…

    Carved? – Or slithered…

    Outstanding career? – Like a snake…

    Moral? – Like a snake…

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 9 Jun 2005 on 8:47 am | Link
  5. The issue is really whether Mrs Blair is making a fortune off being the Prime Minister’s wife or as an eminent QC.
    From what I have seen these lectures are promoted as a unique encounter with the first lady of UK (as Mrs Blair not Ms Booth) with the Union Jack flying prominently behind her. So it’s not anecdotes from her fine legal career that people are queuing up (and paying through the nose) to see. In which case it’s very public and not at all about her personal life with no reference to ‘my husband the PM’. She’s coining in on her marriage and as such must be subject to official government rules.

    Comment by Rupert Snallard — 9 Jun 2005 on 4:10 pm | Link
  6. Mr Snallard has it right. The good lady is just trying to make money out of her situation and must be subject to Govt Rules. This continual desperation for freebies and cash on the side doesn’t do the PM or UK any good at all and it is about time somebody told here that – so come on Tony, you are the PM after all.

    Comment by Roger — 11 Jun 2005 on 10:26 pm | Link

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