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Asked what the Prime Minister would say to the large number of people who believed that the Iraq war had done more harm than good to Iraq, the Prime Minister's Spokesman (PMS) said that we were on the eve of an election in Iraq. You would have to check the history books for the last one, but there certainly hadn't been a democratic election in Iraq for many, many years. The Government saw that as a great step forward.

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Gerry Adams

Asked how the Prime Minister reacted to Gerry Adams' remarks this morning saying that he would not go to Chequers to be lectured by the Prime Minister, the PMS said that since the meeting was still going it would not be appropriate to talk about it just yet. When we had something to say we would say it. Asked if Gerry Adams had been banned from Downing Street and meeting at Chequers could be seen as a snub, the PMS said that she didn't see it has a snub. It was an important meeting, taking place at Chequers. She was not aware that Mr Adams had been banned from Downing Street.

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