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Jeddah Reports

Asked if there was any news on Jeddah, the PMOS said we were getting the same reports as everyone else, and were waiting to see what the situation was before commenting.

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Asked why the situation regarding organised crime had taken "so long", the PMOS replied that he thought the question was an unfair analysis. Tomorrow, there was a second reading of the SOCA Bill, and from all these things, people learnt from experience. It did take a process of evaluation, and looking at what worked and what did not. For example, the United States used the process of constant adaptation, and looking at where they went next.

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Home Intruders/Self Defence

Asked about Sir John Steven's recent comments about homeowners confronting intruders, the PMOS said the important thing was that people recognised the law allowed reasonable force to be used. What it did not allow was active retaliation, which seemed to be a point that people missed. The PMOS added that there was a murder review going on in the Home Office at the moment, which would be part of the issues discussed. The PMOS said it was important people knew what the distinctions were, as there was some confusion around.

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Civil Service Pensions

Asked if the Prime Minister though it was right for the Government to cut civil servants' pensions, the PMOS joked the question was directed at the wrong person! He said that there was a process going on, and that consultation process should be allowed to be completed.

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Jack Straw

Asked if the Prime Minister agreed with the recent book allegations that Jack Straw left the Home Office "in a mess", the PMOS said he thought he was being goaded into getting into a book review, which he was not going to do.

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Asked for any further information on the possible amalgamation of several regiments, the PMOS said the Army Board would consider these matters. The broad principles would be set out, which were getting the balance for the need of the modern Army to have flexibility, whilst respecting tradition. How the Army Board decided was a matter for them, and then it would make recommendations.

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