» Friday, December 3, 2004

David Blunkett

Asked if the Prime Minister still had confidence in the Home Secretary's ability to do his job, the PMOS said yes. Asked if there had been any discussion of this issue in Cabinet, the PMOS reminded journalists that he had said yesterday that the issue was not discussed. Asked if it had been mentioned, the PMOS said he did not give a detailed commentary on Cabinet meetings. Asked if Mr Blunkett had had a private meeting with the Prime Minister the PMOS said he did not discuss the Prime Minister's meetings with ministers.

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Prime Minister’s speech

Asked for further explanation of the Prime Ministers speech concerning the need for parents to give their children aspirations, the PMOS said that the Prime Minister was building on views that he had expressed before. The view was that as a society, our future and the future of the country is going to based on the skills we acquired. The days when unskilled people could go through an entire career without skills were over. The themes underlying the speech were about giving people the ability to acquire relevant skills. This was necessary for a modern economy at a time when China and India among other developing countries were making rapid progress in the global economy. Questioned further the PMOS said it was about the generational change that we all had to make in recognising the important role that skills would play in the world to come. The changing world was one of the main themes of the Prime Minister's speech today; opportunity and security in a constantly changing world where we strived to achieve the economic stability the Government believed it has attained.

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