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Fox Hunting

Asked if the motion on a two-year delay would be amendable and subject to a free vote, the PMOS said that the Hunting Bill would be before the House on Wednesday and he would discuss the issue in more detail then. As we had said consistently, the whole issue of fox hunting would be a matter for a free vote and the Prime Minister believed that Parliament should deal with it in that spirit. Asked if he was indicating that both a fox hunting ban and when that ban might come into force would be subject to free votes, the PMOS said yes.

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  1. in my personal opinion i think that the fox hunting ban is no use for britian and does not solve any problems. The numbers of foxes that weere being killed by hounds were and are alot less than the number of foxes being killed by shooting. I also disagree with the fact that fox hunting is well known as a ‘blood sport’. this is unfortunatly being related to as a ‘blood sport’ because of relativly undereducated people who beleive the sterotypical view that the foxes are actually killed by the dog malling it. This is wrong. The fox is actually not put through much pain and will be killed within 3 seconds of being caught and also you do not call fishing a blood sport even though it is still killing an animal. in my opinion the reason that it is not known as a ‘blood sport’ is becuase we eat fish and so the meat is being used for human food. I also disagree with people who actually think that the ban is working. This is wrong in the protesters point of veiw because one problem that they had was the fact that within the coming years the fox population will decrease dramaticly and that they may even become extinct. This may be right but it has now been made so that there is more people killing foxes by shooting them which means there is going to be alot more foxes dieng and so not only will the fox population decrease but they will also become extinct alot faster than expected.

    if you want to reply to my comment or ask me any questions on my point of view then feel free to e-mail me. my e-mail address is: graham_2k6_1234@hotmail.com

    Comment by daniel graham — 4 Dec 2006 on 4:19 pm | Link

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