» Thursday, September 9, 2004

Terrorist Attack/Jakarta

The PMOS took the opportunity to express the Government’s utter condemnation of today’s bomb attack on the Australian Embassy in Jakarta. It was a further demonstration that terrorists were prepared to use indiscriminate violence and show a complete disrespect for human life. Our condolences were with the Governments of Australia and Indonesia, as well as with the families of those who had been killed.

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  1. My condolences are with the people of Australia and Indonesia who have been affected by these attacks. My condolences are also with the people of Iraq and Afghanistan who have also suffered through governments’ indiscriminate violence and complete disrespect for human life.

    Unfortunately we will continue to have such tragedies until it is accepted that there is no difference between a bomb dropped from a plane and a bomb in a car – and no difference between the people sending the bomb.

    Comment by Uncarved Block — 9 Sep 2004 on 3:58 pm | Link
  2. "It was a further demonstration that terrorists were prepared to use indiscriminate violence and show a complete disrespect for human life".

    As opposed to the actions of the US forces (our allies) in Iraq; 4 2000lb bombs filled with high-explosive, and a couple of cruise missiles to boot, all to demolish a house suspected of housing militants. Naturally, the only casualties reported were a dozen or so women and children – but that’s ok, they did it with the best of intentions. These people make me SICK. My only regret is that Bliar, Brush, Rice, Powell, Straw; in fact every last one of them who authorised and carried out the criminal invasion of Iraq (and many other similar "interventions" over the past 10 years or so) can’t be shoved out into a Baghdad street to fend for themselves. Now that WOULD be news worth reporting…

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 9 Sep 2004 on 4:58 pm | Link
  3. The previous comment jives with my stance on International conflict.
    I believe that leaders should lead and to that end where a conflict exists the leaders of the nations in conflict should each be given deadly wepons – say a gun each- they should then be locked in a room without food or water and told that they can come out once they have settled the dispute or when one of them is dead.
    There would be so many conflicts solved quickly and so many brave leaders – compared with …………….. that we have today.

    Comment by Roger Huffadine — 9 Sep 2004 on 8:31 pm | Link
  4. Don’t get me wrong – I do believe there are circumstances in which war can’t be avoided. World War 2 could no doubt have been prevented had people woken up to what was going on around them, but once it started there was no way we and the US could remain neutral. Again with the Falklands; the fat was Argentina invaded Sovereign British territory, and therefore we were entirely within our rights to kick them out. However, pre-emptive invasions such as Iraq, and "humanitarian" conflicts such as Kosovo and Bosnia, as well as government meddling in other peoples affairs for their own ends is not what our Armed Forces take their oath of allegiance for; it is immoral of any government to the point of treason to send our forces into harms way knowing that Britain (or for that matter the US) is not directly threatened.

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 9 Sep 2004 on 9:56 pm | Link
  5. I think the key word in the phrase "It was a further demonstration that terrorists were prepared to use indiscriminate violence and show a complete disrespect for human life" is "terrorists".

    Bliar and Brush aren’t terrorists, because they and their actions are legitimized by "democracy" and a commercially led "wool-over-the-eyes" western culture.

    At least, I think it is wool in front of peoples eyes, maybe its not. Maybe its money.

    Comment by Lodjer — 13 Sep 2004 on 1:01 pm | Link
  6. Maybe it’s the overriding wish for the side you’re on to be the "good guy". All your friends are in white hats, and all the bad guys are all clearly visible because they all wear black hats.

    Comment by Gregory Block — 13 Sep 2004 on 4:00 pm | Link
  7. (not you specifically; should have reworded that. Just people in general.)

    Comment by Gregory Block — 13 Sep 2004 on 4:00 pm | Link

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