» Monday, August 23, 2004

Opening of the New Scottish Parliament

Asked why the Prime Minister was snubbing the opening of the Scottish Parliament the PMS told journalists that she would not comment on the Prime Minister’s diary.

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  1. I wonder if that’s why she never seems to comment on anything; because she has PMS?

    Terrible joke, I know…

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 24 Aug 2004 on 4:29 pm | Link
  2. All that money that has been spent on the new Scottish parliament.How many home`s could have been built for all the people that need home`s to bring there children up in,to live there live`s in,somewhere decent to live in.Scotland has no HOPE with what they put into there new parliment,no hope at all.So it was all a waste of money after all.

    Comment by george dutton — 26 Aug 2004 on 1:07 am | Link
  3. "How many home`s could have been built for all the people that need home`s to bring there children up in"

    Scotland, as a whole, isnt suffering; the capital of Scotland, of course is. As is every major city, really.

    But here’s an alternate view: It’s art. It’s even pretty art. It’s very good architecture. All materials were sourced locally, which means that the cost of materials was all distributed to Scottish businesses, and much of the labor is sourced locally as well.

    Architecture and works of art are an age-old socialist mechanism of distributing wealth; I’m happy to see it being used to good effect.

    Comment by Gregory Block — 26 Aug 2004 on 3:04 pm | Link
  4. Gregory has not been to Glasgow and seen the tenement block`s that still exit!.The sink estate`s of Glasgow/Dundee. Welcome to Gregory`s world.

    Comment by george dutton — 26 Aug 2004 on 7:32 pm | Link
  5. I’d agree Gregory – if it hadn’t cost a ridiculous amount of money so Scottish MPs can sit in luxurious surroundings. What’s wrong with an office block with a conference room? An obscene waste of taxpayers money – probably topped up with more taxpayers money via lottery grants and whatnot.

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 27 Aug 2004 on 2:35 am | Link
  6. Personal opinion, as before: Better to pump the money into the local economy through local business than to build modern equivalents of those same tenement blocks; building the housing gets you houses that you can’t afford because your job isn’t stable or isn’t paying well enough.

    I’m all for building housing and the like, but fixing the economy is generally the first starting point to fix. Once you have a stable local economy, on a decent growth footing, then you can afford projects like that – but unless people are getting paychecks, what’s the point.

    Comment by Gregory Block — 27 Aug 2004 on 10:00 am | Link
  7. Yes Gregory,BUT we live in a global economy and no matter how well we do we could at a moment`s notice be in a recession/depression that is what has happened in the past!.If we build house`s now we can`t lose them and the benefit`s to society are reflected in people`s daily lives not to mention giving people a far better standard of living.

    Comment by george dutton — 27 Aug 2004 on 10:19 am | Link
  8. Mind you are RIGHT about the "building modern equivalent`s of the same tenement block`s",we and our children will pay the price for that.It`s all about profit and not about social NEED.

    Comment by george dutton — 27 Aug 2004 on 10:26 am | Link
  9. You’d think he would at least make an effort to turn up to give a big thank you to the Scots. After all they did vote for University fees and Tony’s grand scheme for the NHS.
    If it wasn’t for the Scottish MP’s voting for ENGLISH legislation, we might have been free from Tony for good, something Iraq and all it’s enquiries have yet to achieve

    Comment by bob — 27 Aug 2004 on 1:21 pm | Link
  10. I think it’s a real shame he won’t attend the opening – in fact, I think it’s somewhat extraordinary. I wonder whether perhaps Jack McConnell wanted the event to be an entirely Scottish affair?

    Comment by Rob Fenwick — 31 Aug 2004 on 1:02 pm | Link
  11. Oh.. I forgot Tony is Scottish!

    Comment by bob — 31 Aug 2004 on 1:30 pm | Link
  12. Well I`ve been to Edinburugh to investigate this whole affair. You can read more about my opinion on the place on my blog http://rogersanchez.joeuser.com/index.asp?AID=23511
    Anyway the worst thing about this extrravagant waste of money whether you like it or not is that it makes this silly a pointless institution much harder to get rid off. After all if it is closed down passing scots will look at it and it`d feel like a knife wound to the heart. How would yuou feel? At least without an extravagant building it would be easier to forget.

    Comment by Roger Sanchez — 5 Sep 2004 on 7:16 pm | Link
  13. If anyone want`s to have a look at where all that(waste off) money went!!!.http://www.holyrood.tv/

    Comment by george dutton — 7 Sep 2004 on 1:35 pm | Link

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