» Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Amnesty Report

Asked what the Prime Minister’s reaction to the amnesty report that criticised the war on terror as being the worst attack on human rights since the second world war the PMOS said that the Government would no doubt want to study the report in full before making any response and he would not comment on phrases seemingly designed to make headlines. If it came to considering the worst atrocities against human rights one would have to take into account what Saddam did in terms of 400,000 mass graves in Iraq and you would also have to take into account what Al Qaeda did in one day in America.

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  1. I would like to now abaut 2 amnesty in uk. Thank you

    Comment by hasime — 13 Sep 2004 on 2:39 pm | Link
  2. Amnesty UK website:


    Comment by Uncarved Block — 13 Sep 2004 on 2:45 pm | Link
  3. All IMO:

    1) Al Qaeda had nothing to do with Iraq. Stop running them together on the page, and people might stop running them together in their minds. After all, Iraq has gone poorly; I’d say it’s no longer in the government’s interest to have them be considered two sides to the same coin, lest we start questioning whether or not you’ve actually done anything to prosecute the former.
    2) Coalition bombing killed more civilians than Al Qaeda’s bombing of the towers. Al Qaeda doesn’t win any awards for doing so more rapidly; the ‘coalition’ doesn’t win any awards for killing ten times as many.
    3) 400,000 mass graves in Iraq condemn our own placement of Saddam into Iraq in the first place – they cannot be used as justification for our failed involvement in the region, nor for our weapons dealing. 400,000 mass graves, filled with bodies containing coalition bullets and coalition chemical weapons.
    4) The only difference between the 400,000 in mass graves and the unknown thousands from the Iraq war was that we were, without doubt, responsible for those deaths in the Iraq war; our ability to sidle out of responsibility for the others is only through the lack of awareness of the public, and the unwillingness of our politicians to fess up to a body count that, one way or another, we helped create.

    Comment by Gregory Block — 13 Sep 2004 on 3:58 pm | Link
  4. Alkaida and Saddam have nothing to do with the invasion. It was the WMD, if your remember, Tony
    Anybody who believes you is an idiot
    You lie as you breathe and the British let you get away with you lies and deceipts easily


    Comment by career — 6 Dec 2006 on 6:29 pm | Link

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