» Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Higher Education Bill

Asked if the Prime Minister was confident that the Government would win the vote on the Higher Education Bill tomorrow, the PMOS said that we were not complacent about it. It went without saying that the Government was working hard to carry the Bill. The arguments had won through last time, albeit with a narrow majority. No doubt it would be close again. However, we believed that the package before the House was fair and balanced and stood as a whole. It was what our universities needed if they were to have the necessary levels of funding for the twenty-first century. It was also what the country needed in terms of widening access by getting more people into university.

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  1. So we’re not prepared to help our children through the university even though they want to better the country following graduation, yet we are perfectly happy to pay thousands for the upkeep of refugees who refuse to work but leach of our social security. Believe me as an interpretor I have seen a lot of such cases.

    Comment by Peter — 31 Mar 2004 on 4:21 pm | Link
  2. Peter, you are quite wrong. Refugees are not allowed to work until and unless they are granted leave to stay.

    As for top-up fees, Blair’s 2001 manifesto stated he would "legislate to prevent them", which is the precise opposite of what he is now doing.

    He is a liar who cannot be trusted.

    When Blair and his gang went to university there were NO fees, they got decent grants, their rent paid and they could claim benefits in the holidays. And now they want to prevent the rest of us from having that opportunity.

    Comment by Ron F — 31 Mar 2004 on 7:06 pm | Link
  3. How does learning stuff better the country?

    University is just three extra pointless years of learning where people learn very few skills and normally go on to do a completly different job.
    Graduating doesnt make you any better than anyone else and I commend the people who don’t.
    Going to university doesn’t make you cleverer either, you can’t teach that.
    However you need a degree for certain types of jobs, nearly all nowadays so why should you be charged for it.

    Comment by John Murphy — 31 Mar 2004 on 8:44 pm | Link

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